What’s your game?

I grew up playing cricket rather than baseball.

Though actually soccer in the street and rugby at school were my main sports until I discovered badminton – a sport I applied myself to rather than relying on intuition and watching others.

I became pretty good and discovered I got better if I practised. I also learned that many people were better than me, but on a good day I could beat them – as long as you mean scoring a point, instead of winning a game or a match. Playing with people who were more skilled meant I got better but I had to accept not winning in the short term.

I knew the best gear to have and I was invested, not just financially. I still have that badminton racket but playing is a memory – I used to be a…

Times and seasons move on and memories are good to have but not a place to live. Muscle memory, strengths and strategy all have their place as we push forward. Practice with a purpose probably makes the biggest difference.


  1. Apply yourself
  2. Practice with purpose
  3. Accept learning includes failure
  4. Be invested
  5. Stay invested


  • What is your thing?
  • Who do you hang out with?
  • Is there a memory that can make you better tomorrow?
  • What will you do next?

Something to See

You can read, listen, or watch Evo Terra talking about the difference in presenting ourselves as experts or guides through our podcast. My suggestion is you watch the video on this occasion.

What did you notice?


Something to Listen to

Slightly whacky and funny if you have that kind of sense of humour. Nice interview technique to learn from. An offering from the Radiotopia network from PRX.


Atsuko, Bagpipes

Atsuko, Bagpipes

Atsuko is just looking for some peace and quiet.


Something to Read

Should you want to push the deliberate practice some more, here are some things to be thinking about.


And finally

  • Thinking is work
  • Feed your curiosity

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