What shall we learn today?

Every day we have opportunities to be better and stand taller. Sometimes we take them. At other times we sidestep and say, ‘maybe next time’.

But, what if we agreed with ourselves, a personal promise, that we will learn something new each day? This is revisiting my favourite idea of ‘small steps for fast progress’.

While reviewing a short video I had made this week, I discovered that at one point I bumped the mic boom arm and at another brushed against the foam windshield. I know better than that! But, the mic was in a different position to normal and I was distracted by making a video + other excuses I am sure I could think of.

Two lessons for me – don’t talk with my hands so much, and put the mic in the right place.

We can take our lessons as they arise but maybe we gain more from intentionality.

Next time you are editing, take a moment to see what you notice and what you can learn. For example if you hear a plosive, consider what you can do to avoid it next time – mic position, pop-filter, practicing problematic words, like ‘please pass the pizza pronto’. (Try saying that last sentence out loud with your hand just in front of your mouth). See the video below for some more detailed thoughts.

Something to see

Here is a short video from me offering some more thoughts about plosives.

Something to hear

From just down the road here in Wales, Michael Sheen shares work from writers that are finding their voice. Margins to Mainstream a BBC podcast.


Something to read

Lauren Passell of Tink, interviews Eric Nuzum of Magnificent Noise, and well known author of the must read book Make Noise. Stand out parts for me include where he talks about marketing and also building a community. Favourite challenging quotes

“Do I deserve more audience for what I’m doing?

The ability to podcast is very easy. The barrier to access is really low, but the barrier to success is really high and it’s hard.“​

Eric Nuzum – https://tinkmedia.co/interviews/eric-nuzum

And finally

  • Ask better questions
  • Put your effort into the right work

Tell me something you have learnt recently, or something you would like to learn. I would love to hear from you.

Your friend, Steve