What does success look like to you?

There is a lot of advice out there on how to achieve success.

Fewer people talk about a sense of satisfaction and personal growth, which is a different kind of success. Measuring downloads is more straightforward, but for me, I don’t want to miss out on the fun of becoming a better podcaster.

I think the kind of success we need is an accumulation of small wins. Things like releasing the next episode, creating an invisible edit to remove a cough or filler word, and asking the golden question that unlocks a fantastic interview. I also love it when I receive an email telling me someone is not only listening to my podcast but enjoying it and finding it helpful.

It becomes fuel to keep going.

How we view and measure success makes a big difference. We must choose goals that will take us where we want to go.

A current exciting challenge for me is EQ. I am seeking to understand it in more detail. To develop the ability to create clearer audio for my listeners by knowing what to do and when. It may not have an endpoint, but I think I will know when I have succeeded. Hopefully, my listeners will too.

What would you focus on if you were to think about your success like this?

Something to see

The Beautiful Lies of Sound Design | Tasos Frantzolas | TEDxAthens

From gunshots in a canyon to underwater submarine engines, this audio-rich talk explores the role of sound design in modern storytelling.

Something to hear

A curated archive issue from Seth Godin (The Grand Opening originally released Wednesday, 14th February 2018) re-released this week and definitely worthy of a bookmark and regular revisiting. I found it after I wrote this post and it expands on so many threads I have explored here.


Something to read

“Just a few years ago, all podcasts were art — free, available everywhere, and independent. They also made little money. But over the last few years, podcasts have turned into a business, and many long-held assumptions are getting reshaped.

In this transcript of his keynote at the Podcast Academy 2020, Wondery Founder & CEO Hernan Lopez draws parallels to similar transitions in the worlds of TV and Film, unveiling a proposal to foster quality storytelling from all sectors, including public radio, networks and independents.” (James Cridland, Podnews)


And Finally

  • The next step could be really significant.
  • It is only a step.