What does lifetime learning look like?

Always learning

What have you learned today?

Do you take the proactive, intentional route, or rely on serendipity and wait for what the universe chooses to teach you? Both have their place, but for most essential things in life, intentional works best–even if it starts as a happy accident.

We all develop our learning styles and preferences. Sometimes we have to unlearn what we believe about ourselves and what exactly education is, before we get to the light-bulb moments of real insight and understanding.

And the good news is that we will be always learning – it is not just for school or college. We need to foster the hearts and minds of lifelong learners. Apart from anything else, I think life is more fun that way.

Are you ready to pass through the apparent ‘failures’ and ‘incompetencies’ involved in learning something new? It can be hard work, and some of us will feel like giving up. Please don’t!

Let me encourage you to reframe this.

Success comes from doing it again, and trying to do it better than the last time.

What you don’t know

I raised the question in an earlier newsletter – “Do you know what you don’t know?”

While you may not have a total grasp of your level of ignorance, it is more important to remember you already know a surprising amount about an incredible range of things.

Everything we learn builds on something we already know.

We always have somewhere to begin, from vocabulary and basic maths to the building blocks of podcasting – speaking, telling stories, and being curious.

As we hopefully start to find our stride in this new year, how would you choose to complete these statements?

1. I will learn about ____________ for the first time.

2. I will learn to be better at ____________.

3. I will find out about ____________ today.

Something to see

TEDtalks are a great source of wisdom – this one is from Eduardo Briceño where he explores the problem of stagnation despite hard work. Alternating between the Learning Zone and Performance Zone makes for a positive spiral.

Something to hear

Here is a wonderful example of a podcaster developing her skills. This will become one of her classics, I think. A good friend of mine, Nadine Kelly interviews Seth Godin and explores with him some keywords that help unlock the foundations of his work. On top of the excellent content, I hear a nicely relaxed host and guest. What about you, what do you notice?

Something to read


Intent is an important feature in all we do, including podcasting. Evo Terra in this transcript of an episode of Podcast Pontifications challenges and gently nudges us towards the good path.

7 Intentional Ways To Boost Your Podcasting

7 Intentional Ways To Boost Your Podcasting

Lots of factors you can’t control influence the success of your podcast. But you can control your intent. And you can learn to apply that intent with purpose across your podcasting efforts.

And finally

Stay safe and keep connected. Your friend, Steve

Go make a podcast!

  • Now, what’s your next step?
  • Follow the continuum – know-of; know-about; know-how.

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