What are you not doing?

We want to do it all and do it for everyone! But we can’t.

If you are like me, you can start with your niche idea and smallest possible audience and then feel you have to scatter-gun the whole world to make sure everyone knows – just in case.

I am trying to find a better way. So, let me start by asking you – what is it that you are not doing? I am not trying to induce guilt but find your heart.

A yes to one thing means no to everything else (or at least most of it). If we focus on what we are trying to do, there will be other things we can’t do. We get to make choices in advance (a theme we have talked about before). We try for a bit of everything for everyone, at least I do, and come up with more great ideas, but without the time for what is already in hand. The result – not achieving the standard we want, or our audience deserves.

Some alternatives to FOMO

  • Choose yourself
  • Choose who you will serve
  • Do the next right thing
  • Do something (rather than everything)

Your mission

  • Not everyone wants or needs what we have to offer, but some people do.
  • Let’s try to find them.
  • Be kind to ourselves and generous to our listeners by finding the message that lands with the people who care.
  • Have we already got it, or are we back to foundations?

Let’s keep thinking. It is a work in progress and always will be, but we get to choose what we do next and what we don’t.

Oh, wait, I think I have an idea…

Something to see

A short TED talk by Richard St. John – watch with your finger on the pause button so you can take notes. Stuff you know already about being successful but may have forgotten.

Something to hear

Here is a podcast episode that links back to Ira Glass and his talk about the creative gap. It is one of those episodes I think “I wish I had made that” – so much resonates with how I see the podcasting world and creativity in general. Produced by Jay Acunzo and people from his membership group, ‘Make what matters’.

Something to read

About the podcast stuff that isn’t your voice – provide a context for what your listeners hear but without words – by Pacific Content

The Art of Good Sound Design w/ Dan Leone and Ben Adair of Western Sound

The Art of Good Sound Design w/ Dan Leone and Ben Adair of Western Sound

Producers of Western Sound’s hit podcast The Score: Bank Robber Diaries on how to nail your show’s sound design


And finally

  • Consider the difference – there is always a difference
  • Make yourself proud of what you do – do better

Originally published as a newsletter