This is for you

2. This is for you
Fundamentally, podcasting is for an audience of one. It is a personal, even intimate conversation, often whispered directly into someone’s ear. It collects listeners who become a connected community – who feel they belong; like they have been seen and heard. It is the voice of the connected community. [Part of the Good Podcasting Works Manifesto]

Who you create for

Podcasting starts with the people you are creating for.

That is not for everybody but it is definitely for someone. Do you have them in mind as you work?

An audience of one

I think of podcasting as being for an audience of one.

Occasionally I listen to a podcast with my wife but usually, I am on my own. This is probably true for you and for most people – it is not typically a group activity.

This means that when you are recording an episode you can have your listeners in focus – one at a time. In fact, it is helpful to speak as if you were speaking to that ‘one person’ – your audience of one. It will make your delivery sound more natural and inviting.

Growing a community

This personal, intimate conversation creates a unique relationship. Out of the listeners, a community grows and if you work at it, that community comes to feel connected to not only you but everyone else like them who listen to your creations.

They listen to you and feel heard – they follow your stories and they feel seen. Podcasting at its best.

This is for them, both because that is how you made it and because that is how they receive it. The magic of good podcasting.


  1. Who is that one person you make your podcast for – your ‘Betty’ (or whichever name best works for you)?
  2. What two things will you do this week that will help grow your podcast community and increase engagement?
  3. If you created a space where your people can see and be seen, what might it feel like?