The first thing in a season of building

It’s time to build

It has been a challenging year of loss for so many people. The old normal has gone, and the new normal is not here yet. As we stand at the start of a new year, we have a new opportunity. And I think it is time to build.

However, knowing what to do is not easy – we can’t stand still, and more of the same (the old normal) is not going to be what we need.

There has been a lot of waiting this year. We can wait passively, or with preparation. It is time to start getting ready.

I feel that community will be critical for us – it is my touchstone word for 2021 and it will be interesting to see how it develops.

You can gather people like you – your kind of people, who speak your kind of language and care about the things you care about. These are the people you can build with, and for.

This is a time to build – to fill the gap, to stand up and stand out – starting small but building the future you want to see. No more waiting. It is time to build and it is your turn.

What will you build first? Drop me a line and let me know.

Something to see

If you are not British and of a certain age, Alistair Cooke may be unfamiliar to you. A radio-voice if ever there was one and someone who can still teach us a few things. I hope you enjoy this short video of his work. You will find lots more audio of him here on the BBC website

Something to hear

Alex Blumberg (known for This American Life & Gimlet Media) knows a lot because he has done a lot.

Gimlet Academy is some of his distilled wisdom on podcasting and you should listen to the whole series of 5 episodes – consider this your homework.In this podcast, Gimlet cofounder Alex Blumberg provides advanced tips — on topics like booking interviews, recording “good tape,” and editing compelling stories

But let me particularly draw your attention to Episode 4 – How to get good tape which looks at the interview. As you listen, check audio quality and the interview process, particularly: the Prep Sheet; the concept of the North Star; and keep going until you have what you need. Then enjoy the clip as published – notice what they did – creating the story and also how the audio now sounds compared to the raw clips. A masterclass. I recognise this is a particular style of podcast (nearer to radio or documentary than conversation) but the principles of preparationplanning and persistence apply to any good podcasting. I would love to know what stood out for you.

Something to read

The short doses of provocative wisdom delivered by Seth Godin make for great quotes but you know (he said talking to himself as much as anyone) they are even better when we put them to work. I found this post to be full of refreshing possibility allowing me to see the activity of reviewing and planning with a new perspective – I think I can work with this one. How about you? Urgencies don’t have to be emergencies.

Resolutions don’t work. Habits and systems can.

And finally

  • Don’t stay stuck – ask for help.
  • Knowing how comes after knowing why

I wanted to let you know that I have a small number of openings to work with people 1:1 in 2021 to help dreams become reality. If you are interested, let’s talk – book a call here.

Stay safe and keep connected. Your friend, Steve

Go make a podcast!