The dilemma of grabbing attention, or earning it

If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.

No wait, everybody is doing it! Podcasting seems to be everywhere. Getting started, what to buy, how to be successful. It’s so easy, everybody should do it.

We know different. We have done enough to know it is not quite like that. Having the latest gear does not make a great podcast. You do.

Someone who crafts an episode can do it with the simplest of tools if they are clear about what they are trying to do and more importantly why. I still think there is plenty of room for good podcasts. Including yours.

So how do we stand out in a crowded market? Do we need to shout louder and longer than the person at the market stall next to us? Or do we build trust so we get repeat customers?

We all face this dilemma of whether to try grabbing attention or earning it. And we will all find our own right answer as we choose what kind of podcaster we want to become.

Smallest viable audience anyone?

Something to see

The open-air market in Norwich, England, has a long history and lives on in my memory of student life. Come and join me on a little taste of memory lane as we push the market metaphor.

Something to hear

If you want some simple but not easy exercises to get even better at ‘speaking proper’, try some of Peter Stewart’s tongue twisters – Our Amazing and Unique Alphabetised Exaggerated Articulation Exercises.

Something to read

Seth Godin’s blog is a regular read for many of us. Here is a reminder of his challenging thoughts on the smallest viable audience. What does yours look like?

And finally

  • Who am I becoming?
  • Clear is always better than clever.