One reason I love podcasting

Recently I realised that one reason I love podcasting is that I love puzzles.

I’m a fixer, and problem solver. I notice everything and then give attention to one piece at a time – in the context of the big picture.

Do you remember your last jigsaw puzzle? Even a child’s twelve-piece puzzle is satisfying when you put the last bit in place. But what if it is a grown-up puzzle with lots of pieces? It is going to need a strategy.

If you were to think of your podcast as a puzzle, what would be your best strategy? Here are some ideas to help your thinking.

  1. Big picture – colours, shade, and pattern all pleasing to the ear. See it as a whole.
  2. The corners – start here, finish there, know the main message, and give them something to do. What corners would you use?
  3. It is all about the picture. Give attention to the pieces that make the picture clear. The more of a section you can see, the easier it is to place the next piece. Keep the end in mind.
  4. It is all about the pieces. Everything connected and in its place. All individually important to complete the puzzle. Everything needs to be there.
  5. It is all about the puzzle. Answer the questions your podcast asks of you. Bring everything together to reveal what it is all about. Start with a question and answer it for your audience. Oh, and yes, it is all about them too.

Something to see

Julian Treasure living up to his name and also talking about the effect of sound on us in this TED talk.

Something to hear

Jay Acunzo and Robert Rose talking podcasts, planning and improvising

Something to read

Synonyms are fascinating – here are some for the phrase “know what to do”. Which is your favourite?

And finally

  • Solve interesting problems
  • Do what you love