A manifesto for good podcasting

Photo by Jukka Aalho on Unsplash

1. Present in the moment

Good podcasting isn’t created for background listening. It holds our attention and commands respect—with flair. Swallowing our surroundings, it paints pictures in our heads. It is right in front of us and makes us want to share it with the people we care about.

2. This is for you

Fundamentally, podcasting is for an audience of one. It is a personal, even intimate conversation, often whispered directly into someone’s ear. It collects listeners who become a connected community – who feel they belong; like they have been seen and heard. It is the voice of the connected community.

3. You would know if it was missing

Easy on the ears, it pays just enough attention to the process. It demands audio skills that leave no trace, and technology that stays out of the way. It sounds more right than correct; more friendly than flawless.

4. May I have your attention, please?

Welcomed, drawn in and released. Podcasting holds us from beginning to end without jarring or stuttering, just steady progress at the right pace and with a common thread—plus the occasional surprise. Conforming enough for the fresh and distinctive to feel familiar and welcoming—but with an extra zing!

5. The beginning, middle and end

The story is the foundation of all human communication. Podcasting connects that heritage and tells truth-stories of narration and conversation that reside and echo in our collective memories.

6. Je ne sais quoi

The particular ‘something’ that good podcasting brings—the magic ingredient or secret sauce that makes for stand-out audio. The conjuring of images and feelings and even aromas, from sounds that vibrate in the soul.

7. As good as it sounds

While looking the part, beneath the surface, good podcasting always has heart and essence—like wine with a long-finish or coffee with that yearned-for after-taste. Outstanding not just loud, good podcasting goes beyond what we already have.

8. Instinctively intentional

Good podcasting takes time to birth as fleeting ideas become formed, and emergent thoughts become sequenced. We remove the good so that we can have the best. It invites us to listen again, and againsomething for our life’s archive.

9. Oh, yes! I love this one

Immediate recognition by our audience, who with a smile just know they are in the right place. Good podcasting is familiar even at the first time of hearing.

10. Going for gold

Good podcasting pursues the elusive prize of perfection, knowing it is more of a journey than a destination. Good now, better later.

11. The perfect partnership

Good podcasters live values without reward, offering more than is needed but all that is wanted. We come with open hands and hearts, as well as open mouths.

12. Good podcasters smile while they work

Producing things of value is hard but satisfying work. We give importance to the important: preparation of the environment; planning the content; engaging great guests; editing seamlessly, and; polishing before publishing. Our listeners’ ears deserve nothing but our best work. 

Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash