Making a step-change

It is exhausting isn’t it, being surrounded by so many life-changing messages?

My 7 steps to an outstanding podcast!

(not really, only kidding)

We are where we are, but not where we want to be.

If you were a settler, you wouldn’t be reading this because you would already be happy. Instead, you live with a healthy dissatisfaction as you continue to pioneer.

We all feel there is more to be done. Let’s enjoy the journey and celebrate the growth.

Step change

What if there was a step-change you could make now? Where would you start?

A key question is “Where do I spend most of my podcasting time?” This is the place to streamline.

Here are three examples:

A. Ideas for the next episode

Try not to live hand to mouth but map out the key topics you want to cover in the next 3 months and do more planning for your guests, research and promotion.

B. Editing content

Make decision making easier. Create a podcast blueprint so you know what is in and what is out. Explore text-based podcast editing with Descript.

C. Editing audio

Identify the fixes you keep making to your episodes. Noisy breaths, plosives, mouth clicks? Learn to avoid making them, or invest in audio repair plugins like Era Bundle by Accusonus or RX9 by Izotope. You can also rely on the magic of the Auphonic algorithms to give your work that final polish.

Give one a try.

Drop me a line or leave me a voice message and let me know where you are feeling the pain.

Something to see

I found this an interesting watch. I know it is a sales pitch and I am not promoting the product, just showing you the effect of acoustic treatment in a room. You may not need it at the moment but it could come in handy if you ever do.

And finally

  • keep asking better questions
  • find your true-north and let it guide you

Go make some good noise!

Your friend, SteveH