Living the podcasting dream

Are you ‘living the dream’?

How are you finding your podcasting at the moment – as good as you expected, or even better?

Starting a new venture, we usually have an incomplete and occasionally romanticised view of how it will be. We might then descend into disappointment and disillusionment or find ourselves rising to surprise and delight – the start of a beautiful journey.

However, ‘beautiful journeys’ can be hard and demanding because anything truly worthwhile takes time, effort and application. This is undoubtedly true of podcasting.

For me, it has delivered more than I dreamed of – something that is me-shaped and fulfils in so many ways. For me, it has been a valuable life-find. I wish I had started sooner, but maybe I wasn’t ready.

What about you? What can you see, and what do you hear in your head?

Thinking about ‘your’ dream

Wherever, or whenever you started:

  • What is your podcasting dream – for you?
  • Have you lost sight of it and need to reconnect?
  • Or do you need a new one – starting from here?

​If you would like to work with me on your dream – get in touch

Your best dream

1. Clear

Keep it short and straightforward so you can articulate it – not least to yourself. This is why you are a podcaster.

2. Genuine

This is your dream, not someone else’s and certainly not what you think it ought to be – What do you want? It’s your podcasting journey.

3. Congruent

(related to genuine) – the dream that fits with who you are. A natural expression of your views, values and voice. What is your podcasting good-fit?

​Find your podcasting dream, and then do everything you can to live it!

And finally

  • dreams should be lived
  • record something today

​Stay safe and keep connected. Your friend, Steve

Go make a podcast!