Keeping your podcast going

To keep your podcast going in the long term, you need to really enjoy it, and feel what you are doing is important.

Keep Podcasting Fun

You need to give attention to all areas of podcasting but don’t give away the best bits that you enjoy most.

For example, if you find editing fun (yes there are some people who do), make sure you do enough of it to feel satisfied. If interaction with guests is what sparks you, work hard at getting brilliant guests and asking great questions. The bit you enjoy most should be where you grow.

Here are some more ideas to bring the fun back:

  • If you are feeling a little stale, make some changes, temporarily or more permanently. If you do mostly host-on-mic, find someone to interview. Or if you always have guests, try a host-on-mic piece. The difference brings a change of pace and a frisson of challenge.
  • Start a new season/series with or without a break.
  • Create a 4 part mini-series looking at a particular subject in more depth. Maybe even include more narrative and be more radiotopia – for fun!
  • Find a stretch – not a painful one but something that interests you about the podcasting process. Have a go.
  • Design some episode artwork to make your podcast standout.
  • New season, new music!

Make it count

Your podcast is important to you or you wouldn’t have started it.

What if the world has changed, or you have? Maybe your podcast should too. What is the why you really care about? How can you bring even greater meaning to what you do and try to help more or different people through your work?

  • Find a great story you can tell to communicate your truth.
  • Write a story.
  • Write your story.
  • Find people who are doing similar things to you and then do different. Learn from them so you can execute better. Take their work apart and put it back together your own way – just as an experiment, not as a copy. Grow!
  • Analyse – your own work, and other people’s work you like, or don’t like. What are the strengths? What is missing? What is there too much of? How could it be more effective? Then apply what you have learned to your next episode.
  • Plan differently – do it on paper, turn the paper landscape, draw a spine across the page and add branches above and below. You only have room for the important bits. What will they be?

Keep going!

Something to see

The man behind mind maps himself – Tony Buzan. Slightly dated but so helpful as a stretching exercise.


Something to hear

Talking water – great content but particularly check out the delivery of this idea.

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99% Invisible

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Something to Read

A blog post from Seth Godin – the challenge of change, or staying as we are. You should subscribe.

Defending change (or the status quo)

Defending change (or the status quo)

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Defending change (or the status quo)


And finally

  • What would happen if you didn’t travel in a straight line?
  • The past and the future both bleed into today – how will we let them affect us?