Improving your podcast – 4 things you can do today

We have to start where we are but don’t have to stay there.

Here are four things you can do today to improve your podcast.

1. Be clear

Know what your podcast is for and what this episode is about – stay focused and make it worthwhile for your listeners. Include helpful knowledge, tips, or entertainment. Don’t try to do it all and use the “because” test to be sure you are delivering. “They need to hear this because… ”

2. Record well

Capture only what you need. Don’t add things in you have to take out. This includes background sound, reverb, and filler words. A good mic, in a good environment, at a good level, is more than half the job done.

3. Edit invisibly

Remove distractions without creating new ones. The listeners should not know you have been there. Make the audio clear and serve the story. Learn enough about EQ and compression to do no harm. If possible, next time, do 2. better.

4. Make listening easy

Minimise steps for listeners to access your work. Sound good (see steps 1, 2 and 3). Know who wants what you offer and keep making it for them. If it is good, they will come back and tell other people about you. Become essential.

Something to hear

I have mentioned Evo Terra many times. Always thought-provoking. I’d love to know what you think of his five suggestions to make your episodes more memorable.

Ways To Make Your Podcast More Memorable

Ways To Make Your Podcast More Memorable

When people complete your latest podcast episode, what do you want them to do? Reflect on your brilliance? Bask in a sense of satisfaction? Or would simply remembering what you said 5 minutes later be enough?

Something to see

MIC’s Podcast Club is a great online community now returning to the real world on occasions. I have appreciated belonging.

Their new YouTube channel has a recording of the session where the co-founder of the British Podcast Awards, Matt Deegan, was the guest speaker talking about how to win an award – well, at least how to make a good entry. If you are UK-based, you should check it out now because the deadline for submitting your entry is April 11th! It’s worth watching his talk and maybe even going through the process of answering the questions wherever you are based because it will hone how you communicate your podcast to the world.

Something to read

An article from where James Cridland explores “How people find your podcast in apps – who indexes what?” A great starting place for what to fret about and what to ignore.

How people find your podcast in apps - who indexes what?

How people find your podcast in apps – who indexes what?

What podcast and/or episode metadata is indexed by which search engines and directories? How should you use your RSS feed to get more new listeners?

And Finally

  • Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
  • Learn some recipes first, then learn to cook.