How to know if your podcast is there yet?

Are we there yet?

It’s a good question. But do you know how to find the answer? Your answer.

We need to know two things –

  • where we are; and
  • where we are going

Where are we?

We can overdo the internal analysis of self-progress, but I think it is essential that we do review – “how are we doing? Are we making progress? Are we there yet?” – Where are you with your podcast?

You can choose the time and the rhythm, but putting down a regular marker for review will help you make progress.

Add it to your calendar –

  • 1st of the month;
  • the start of a 1/4, (or a season depending on your business-head settings);
  • on your birthday;
  • on the 1st of January.

Where are we going?

We need to know the path between here and there.

Are we travelling someone else’s journey or our own?

While it is essential to have travelling companions (which may change over time), we all have to make this journey for ourselves. It is your destination, and your steps to get there. What is your podcasting compass?

The future is coming – and we expect it to be more of the same – today, and tomorrow it probably will be. But there is a tomorrow coming very soon, which will be very different. We need to be ready for this near future. It will change the destination we can get to and require us to adjust our thinking about the question “are we there yet?”

For further thought

I offer you three takeaways for further thought in deciding if you are there yet:

  1. Be clear
  2. Get ready
  3. Keep checking your compass

If I have provoked particular thoughts for you, or a perspective you would like to share, I would love to hear from you.

Something to see

And definitely something for us to be doing

Nic’s quick voice tips

By Nic Redman who is a voice over artist and vocal coach – from neck stretches, to waking up the soft palate, to improving your articulation. 17 short videos that should keep you going over the holiday period – may even come in handy for party games!

Here is the playlist of all 17 tips

Here is a Sample Video: Improving Vocal Clarity

Something to hear

99% Invisible a podcast focussing on the built environment, particularly cities, and hosted by Roman Mars produced a short series looking at homelessness in California. Katie Mingle the senior producer at 99% Invisible fronts the story. Here is the link to the series Trailer, which will lead on to the other six episodes: According to need (Trailer)

Listen out for evidence of her roots in radio – what can you adapt or adopt for your work? Also note how she only worked out the exact story she wanted to tell as she did the work. Sound familiar?

Something to read

What are a microphone’s polar patterns? Read this blog post by Rode Microphones to learn more.

And finally

  • make some space for silence over the holiday period
  • contact someone you haven’t spoken to for a while

Stay safe and keep connected. Your friend, Steve

Go make a podcast!