How many decisions can you make in a day?

If you’re anything like me, the speed and clarity of your decisions reduce as the day progresses. It feels like I have only a daily quota and need to spend them wisely.

But what if you make them in advance? You don’t need to decide whether to get up in the morning (or perhaps you do!) You get the idea – some things are settled and become part of our everyday routine. We don’t need to waste time and emotional energy on that kind of decision.

The possibilities are not endless after all. Each choice opens up distinct options and closes down others. You can’t do it all, and you can’t do it for everyone. How many decisions can you make a day?

With your podcast, do you know The Who and The What? – Who is it for, and what is it for? Your target audience and the actual profile of your listeners – who is on the other end of your work?

Some questions won’t need answering for your next episode if you have clarity about who you are seeking to serve and what you are trying to do for them. You can use the limitations to free yourself. Within these boundaries is where we work – for them and for this.

Pick a lane and make it yours.

Here are some thoughts from HBR on making decisions

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