Finding what is valuable to you and your listeners

While walking down a beach in Northumbria I discovered something really valuable.

It was a stone smoothed by the harsh north sea, with a vein of colour running through it. Shiny as the sun reflected off the still clinging sea, it caught my attention and I wanted to keep it.

What do you keep

We all have the urge to hang on to things that feel valuable. Sometimes value is in the possessing but the best things deliver value when given away. It could be a smile, a sense of wellbeing, or something useful. We benefit too.

What do you offer

What valuable gifts do we offer our listeners? Do we lean towards hoarding, or being extravagant? Can we share something of value with each of them, every time? It is definitely something to aspire to. And my belief is we get better at delivering value if we are intentional and do the hard work.

Mining value

Our experience and the things that catch our attention hold high-value content. Pointing to other people and their work has value too. But you may be surprised to learn your listeners want more of you, otherwise, they wouldn’t stay.

Ask yourself what they need that you can gift to them. Add value and then add more value on top of that.

Do good work

Do good work that makes a difference to people. They will want to keep it but also to share it with people they care about. That sounds like being generous, all round.

It could just make the world a better place and we all want to be part of that gift, don’t we?

Something to hear

You don’t have to follow my newsletter for very long before you hear of Jay Acunzo.

I like what he does and love why he does it.

Though I do find it frustrating sometimes that he is saying things I am still thinking about. I often find myself on a remarkably similar train of thought.

So, today, the only link I want to share is to this episode of his podcast Unthinkable with Jay Acunzo.

I almost hoarded it and didn’t tell you about it. I almost held back from sharing with you something I felt was valuable to me. That I wanted to possess.

Please give it a listen and if it strikes a chord with you, subscribe to his podcast.

You will find he is talking about value but I was there first, it is just that he published before I did! (again)

The Battle for the Soul of the Internet by Unthinkable with Jay Acunzo

The Battle for the Soul of the Internet by Unthinkable with Jay Acunzo

The Battle for the Soul of the Internet from Unthinkable with Jay Acunzo on Podchaser, aired Wednesday, 19th January 2022. Today, we hear the story of Patreon, as told by cofounder and CEO Jack Conte. More pressing for our purposes as makers, however, is the driving belief Jack shares which is the …

And finally

  • To get there from here I need to…
  • Think what experience you want to gift your next listener with