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Knowing what to do may not be enough

Getting started and keeping going with podcasting requires clarity, capacity and a big why – that idea you just have to pursue.

Yet, I am aware that podcasters often can get stuck, stalled or need a refresh. It can be difficult to fix these on your own, which is where Next Step Podcasting comes in.

Here are three things I offer that would help you get your podcast working.

1. Podcast Circle

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Somewhere between Masterclass and Clinic, where you can learn something useful and fix something broken. Interactive, practical, and fun group call.

Next event:

Subject – announced in the new year

One hour group call via Zoom – £15.

2. Coaching Session

Individual, one-off calls working on the challenge you are currently facing. £75

3. Development Program

For when you need an individually designed coaching program to capture your ideas and streamline your process, so you can keep publishing that podcast you know is inside you. Let’s talk.

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