ClubHouse, more like Live Radio than podcasting?

Something to read

I am sure Clubhouse will not have escaped your attention – but what is it all about and how could it be useful? Here is a 4 part series by Steve Pratt of PacificContent writing about what Live Radio might teach us about how to make the most of Clubhouse

“… we thought it would be valuable to a lot of people exploring and experimenting with Clubhouse to know how top radio producers think about creating live audio shows.” 

Steve Pratt of Pacific Content
Clubhouse For Brand Storytellers – Pacific Content

Clubhouse For Brand Storytellers – Pacific Content

A resource for moderators, marketers, and brand managers from the audio storytelling and audience development experts at Pacific Content. We make original podcasts for brands like Dell, Mozilla, McAfee, Slack, Facebook, Atlassian, Schwab, Red Hat, Adobe and more.

I know I have been dipping my toes in the water with ClubHouse – it is trendy to get in there and also to knock it. I am not what we podcasters can make of it but it is set to get even bigger – and maybe louder!

I noticed that I felt like I was visible to the whole world if I joined a room – but actually, it is only the few who are in the room, which makes it a little less intimidating, at least for me.

If you get the chance do take a listen and have a play.