What shall we learn today?

pop filter and mic

Every day we have opportunities to be better and stand taller. Sometimes we take them. At other times we sidestep and say, ‘maybe next time’. But, what if we agreed with ourselves, a personal promise, that we will learn something new each day? This is revisiting my favourite idea of ‘small steps for fast progress’. … Read more

One reason I love podcasting

jigsaw pieces in hand

Recently I realised that one reason I love podcasting is that I love puzzles. I’m a fixer, and problem solver. I notice everything and then give attention to one piece at a time – in the context of the big picture. Do you remember your last jigsaw puzzle? Even a child’s twelve-piece puzzle is satisfying … Read more

Improving your podcast – 4 things you can do today

4 steps

We have to start where we are but don’t have to stay there. Here are four things you can do today to improve your podcast. 1. Be clear Know what your podcast is for and what this episode is about – stay focused and make it worthwhile for your listeners. Include helpful knowledge, tips, or … Read more

The cost of podcasting tools = time and money

waveform out of an ear

We choose our tools with care because the right tool can do a better job more efficiently. For example, there are many types of hammers and nails. You can try using a claw-hammer for everything, but picture framing and dry-lining a wall need different hammers. And, of course, not everything is a nail! New tools … Read more