Better connection with your podcast listeners

Brilliant connections come from relationships with people who are excited about our work.

Yes, we have learnt the podcasting basics and know how to get our podcast out into the world. But, are we really connecting with the people who care?

  • Do they know about us?
  • Are they talking to other people about us?
  • Are we in dialogue with them?

Our work is to make it easy for them. Easy to find, easy to respond to and easy to share with others.

The world keeps changing, with social media engagement apparently reducing, even for those with previously large followings and plenty of likes. They are not getting the responses they were. Knowing what comes next is never easy to judge but there will be something and if we are looking we might just see it early on.

As podcasters, we can use some add-on tools like newsletters, video clips, and social media while it is still there. Most of this still feels like speculatively sending out our message in a bottle. I know someone out there is listening but the challenge I feel is the return journey of getting my listeners to reply.

Brilliant connections come from relationships with people who are excited about our work.

Creating better content, asking better questions and being super relevant to our audience will all help. Knowing our audience so well we answer their unspoken comments could be our missing ingredient.

Time to listen.

Something to see

Brian Miller uses his background in conjuring to explain how to connect with people and listen to answers to understand. This Ted Talk has been viewed over 3.5million times.

Something to hear

I love hearing people explain what is going on and why they think something is good. Host, Evo Terra, and producer Stuart Barefoot review three clips from Nice Try!, Bellwether and How to Start a War. I learned and enjoyed in equal measure. Some interesting ideas about how to work with narrative in a podcast.

Something to read

Caila Litman shares this comprehensive blog post on Brian Barletta’s Sounds Profitable website. Take a read for a good look at what’s working for improving podcast discoverability. We all want to be seen and heard, so they know about us.

And finally

  • Build something good that will last
  • Connect ideas and people