Avoiding being just another podcast

Welcome to the latest issue of the Good Podcasting Works Newsletter – thank you for being on the podcasting journey with me. Let’s get better!

​With so many other podcasts out there, is it possible to be more than just one among many?

I think yes, but there are a few ground rules

Stand out by being outstanding

Hold yourself to a high standard both for production and content. (But remember perfection is elusive)

  • You don’t have to stand out to the whole world – just your regular listeners so they want to keep listening – and maybe to find a few new ones.
  • Great content will gather followers and fans. Make it so compelling they can’t help but spread the word for you. This is 10x better than your own social media posts telling everyone how good you are. Imagine if fans were sharing audiograms of your podcasts!
  • Consistency in turning up is appreciated by listeners. Decide on your publishing frequency and stick to it – keep some episodes scheduled in advance to make your life easier.
  • Getting beyond episode seven makes you above-average. A lot of podcasts start with a flash, bang, whizz – like a firework… and sadly fade away just as quickly. Build something for the long term – and be patient.
  • Find your niche. Discover how to say what needs saying, to people who want to hear it. No one has a podcast that everyone listens to – it only seems that way.
  • Be clear – who is it for, and what is it for? If you know what it is not, it is easy to stay within your boundaries and develop authority and trust.

Keep pushing onward and upward

Something to see

Elizabeth Gilbert of “ Eat Pray, Love” fame reflects in this TED talk on why success can be as disorienting as failure and offers a simple — though hard — way to carry on, regardless of outcomes.

Something to hear

Since we can bring beauty into everything we do – let’s be more intentional about it.

Listen here to Alan Moore at the Hay Literature Festival where he explored the ways of seeing and understanding beauty in all its incarnations. “Beauty helps us see past the superficial and delve into the foundation of how things work.” https://soundcloud.com/user-95283065/hay-festival-2016

Alan Moore captures something of the beauty of business like no one else I know. He has written two Do Books, (Do Design and Do Build, both of which are worth seeking out – his second book Do Build – How to make and lead a business the world needs has only just been published February 2021.

Do Build - How to make and lead a business the world needs

Do Build – How to make and lead a business the world needs

Publishing inspirational pocket guides for Doers in print and digital formats.

Do Build – How to make and lead a business the world needs

Something to read

Podcast Taxonomy White paper –

An interesting work in progress by Podcast Taxonomy, an international, multidisciplinary collaborative standard for recognizing roles and credits in podcast production. It consists of a list of roles/credits and their respective description.

Most of us do everything and dream of a team – this at least gives a list of the roles and work we need to bear in mind as we try to cover all the bases (we probably won’t all need all of it eg video production).

Roles & Credits

Podcast Taxonomy roles and credits are grouped by their general responsibilities in the production of a podcast:

  • Creative Direction
  • Cast
  • Writing
  • Audio Production
  • Audio Post-Production
  • Administration
  • Visuals
  • Community
  • Miscellaneous
  • Video Production
  • Video Post-Production

Download the white paper if you are interested in seeing more detail.

And finally

  • Create amazing content that you enjoy and it will be loved by your followers too.
  • Keep having fun as you work, and do what you love.

Stay safe and keep connected. Your friend, Steve

Go make a podcast!