Get your podcast working

headphones on the table

Why Good Podcasting Works?

There are many reasons including:

Your audience is in control

Listeners choose what to listen to, when and where. They are in control, but you can make it easier for them to include you in their playlist. Your audience-of-one wants to hear from you – the ultimate opt-in.

It persists longer than social media

You can develop a body of work that showcases you and your message. It remains available, and many people will go back to check out earlier episodes bookmarking the good ones, or even binge-listening. That is less likely to happen with social media.

People listen, fans subscribe

Getting to know you, like you and trust you, means you are developing a relationship and community of loyal followers and potential customers, all through the medium of podcasting. It is nice to be listened to but more valuable to have people eagerly awaiting your next offering.