Steve Heatherington – Podcast Coach and Alpaca Shepherd

Good Podcasting Works

Hi, Steve here!

And I am so glad you are here too – I am happy to help you become the best podcaster you can be.

Good Podcasting Works – it connects people, and it changes things. It can also entertain and inform, and is today’s medium for getting your ideas out into the wild where they can make an impact.

My Passion

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Stories and storytelling are at my core – it is who I am.

Finding an authentic voice is only the first step. Putting that voice to work communicating clearly and powerfully to your chosen audience is a skill you need to develop. Let’s tell your story

My passion is to help people go beyond aspiration and hope, to become a published podcaster. Someone who understands the steps and the tools and someone with the necessary skills to consistently keep the promise they make to their audience.


Podcasting is to an audience of one but a community of many

I began listening to podcasts before they were called podcasts and I still love them and all things podcasting.

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I produce my own weekly podcast called Alpaca Tribe which is for alpaca owners and those who are just alpaca mad.

We run a 40-acre farm in South Wales with a breeding herd of alpacas. Developing the podcast was a way of sharing our passion with a broader audience who may never actually visit us here.

I can help you share your passion too.

In addition to producing my Alpaca Tribe podcast, I am currently Head Coach for The Podcasting Workshop, run by Seth Godin and Alexandra DiPalma. I also produce the Pod Buffet – a podcast of podcasts created by alumni of the Akimbo workshops.

Making it happen

I understand the process of developing and producing podcasts and can offer support and coaching to help you become a published podcaster, using your voice.

Knowing how is important but knowing why even more so. Many people have good ideas but struggle to make them real. There is a process to podcasting with simple steps – simple but not easy. If you need a guide or someone to hold you accountable in a friendly way, I can help you get unstuck and achieve your dream.

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